January 17, 2020

About After Coetzee

A bold, originary, and visionary anthology, named after Nobel Prize and Man Booker award-winner J.M. Coetzee. After Coetzee: An Anthology of Animal Fictions presents fictions, poems, and a play by sixteen remarkable contemporary authors, from Melanie Ray Thon, Gary Barwin, and Jonathan Balcombe to Justin Maxwell, Kyoko Yoshida, and Diane Josefowicz. With an introductory essay by A. Marie Houser, the anthology defines and ushers in a new genre: ethical literature for and about other animals.


David Armstrong • Jonathan Balcombe • Gary Barwin • David Brooks • Amy Cicchino • Gabriel Gudding • Diane Josefowicz • Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis • Olga Kotnowska • Justin Maxwell • W. P. Osborn • Melanie Rae Thon • J.T. Townley • M.X. Wang • Laura Madeline Wiseman • Kyoko Yoshida
With photo art by Kathryn Eddy (Plastic Animals Don't Scream).
In this absorbing anthology, A. Marie Houser brings together a cohort of writers who, drawing on the powers of the sympathetic human imagination, lead us on a series of forays into the worlds inhabited by our animal cousins, near and not so near.
—J.M. Coetzee
Seahorses who sing, a chorus with a message, a capuchin monkey in a zoo who yearns to express his true nature, a boy who knows that selling tiger bones and alligator tails is wrong and soon faces a terrifying fate of his own—these are just some of the creatures in the fabulous fiction collection After Coetzee who invite us to see animals with a fresh and compassionate eye. I loved this book and its gorgeous language.
—Barbara J. King, author of Personalities on the Plate: The Lives & Minds of Animals We Eat
[A] genuine heavyweight...carefully curated to present strong examples of a broad range of literary creation, featuring different narrative perspectives, modes, temporalities, geographies, economies and literary genres....This collection brings its readers new expressions of human and non-human animal relations. And through its quality it does what most anthologies hope to do: introduces its reader to new, dynamic examples of contemporary literature.
—Kate Livett, review for Southerly, Volume 28, Issue 1
Through conscientious attention to what goes unseen, this collection conveys the sense that language and literature are powerful resources for examining the unspeakable....After Coetzee is urgent fiction and poetry direct from our fractious, fragile social and environmental moment.
—Hannah K. Weber, Necessary Fictions review
Houser demonstrates, as do the writers themselves, what [Kari] Weil intimated about our use of language: that it can develop far beyond the narrow sensory limitations imposed by rationality which have traditionally been accepted as comfortable and self-validating although they limit our perceptions of our own nature and that of other animals...
—Margaret Naicker
This collection is at the forefront of a literary corpus to continue Coetzee’s project [and] is a work of art of interest to anyone who enjoys good writing. That said, academics...would do well to assure this anthology makes its way into any course where literature and culture are being studied.
—Kim Socha, "Animals beyond Metaphor"
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